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voice+electronics+visuals performance duo

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We are super excited to be embarking on the first development phase for a new stage production entitled en•chant. We’ll be working in Nova Scotia and in Toronto with a small team of very special collaborators, including choreographer Holly Small as outside eye and Phil Strong as sound designer, and doing our first work-in-progress presentation at Array Space in Toronto on June 7, 2019.

Live musical performance is defined by the ephemerality of the sound wave as it travels through the atmosphere and then dissipates. Of even greater transience is video imagery, existing only in fleeting particles of light. In both the sonic and visual realms, we choose to work in forms that have no physical embodiment - that exist for only an instant, then disappear.

The immateriality characteristic of both sound and light will act as a metaphor for the transitory nature of the supernatural. In en•chant we will use ancient ballads as a medium through which to integrate voice, sound and light - to express notions of the wondrous within a contemporary context, and to invite our audiences to consider the extraordinary.

A huge debt of gratitude to the Canada Council for the Arts for supporting this new project!


For further info on en•chant please contact Sheri Jones.
Patchwork is a voice+electronics+visuals performance project featuring singers, cousins and longtime creative collaborators Mary Jane Lamond and Laurel MacDonald. Patchwork explores a point of convergence between folk song and visual imagery, and digital audio and video technology. Mary Jane and Laurel are joined in performance by Phil Strong on sound design and live music/audio mix.

Patchwork had its premier performance at Sound Symposium XVIII in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 2016. In 2017 Patchwork created, performed and toured the production She Sings as She Flies. In 2019 they are developing a new stage production entitled en•chant.

For bookings and further information please contact:

Sheri Jones • Jones & Co. Artist Management
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Image Above: Sound Symposium XVIII • Photo Greg Locke
Background Photos • Jenni Welsh
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